Bugatti Veyron [driving in South Beach]

Video of an unbelieveable Bugatti located in the streets of Miami Beach.

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13 Responses to Bugatti Veyron [driving in South Beach]

  1. CliCk466C says:

    Whoever is driving that car has the smallest dick

  2. 2Heads2Ballz says:

    1st Veyron to be spotted in South Beach…

  3. SeelySoundie1 says:

    I noticed that the license plate reads “X ROCK”

  4. Morgan8Gadango says:

    All 1001 HPs!

  5. Carz3110 says:

    I know, I couldn’t believe it myself for a moment.

  6. ComP24HEre says:

    Good two-tone color combination on that Veyron.

  7. CliCk466C says:

    Wow that thing Iz gangsta

  8. FloJ9392 says:

    PRICE: Approx. $1.7 Mil

  9. DonPranl1120 says:

    Wow you saw one in real life. That’s gangsta. There’s only 300 of those worldwide!

  10. M10ChejOE says:


  11. FoolIsh4507 says:


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